Monday, May 2, 2016

Miloura is recovering

Miloura had her operation this morning - all went well and she is recovering in the hospital.  Thank you for all your prayers and displays of support!

Here is a picture of her last night with the sock monkey that was sent to her from the medical team - a present that truly carried love to her.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Meet Miloura

This is Miloura - she lives in the small village of Grande Savande.  I met her & her mother in May 2015 at a mobile medical clinic H2H was doing in the area.

Miloura came to the clinic because she had recently been sick... but it was not her flu symptoms that kept her in our hearts.   When Miloura was a baby she broke both legs, just above the ankles.  There was no medical care available to her so the bones healed without being set properly.  The team had heavy hearts as there was nothing they could do and they knew if the right equipment & skills were available something could be done.  Her mother had taken amazing care of her but it was clear that life had been very hard for them both.

Well, that equipment & those skills are now available to Miloura - she is having a consultation with a surgeon in Port-au-Prince tomorrow morning!!!

To make a long story very short... one of the team members heard of a surgical team from Vancouver going to Port-au-Prince and we miraculously located Miloura and arranged for her to be seen by the team.  We are praying that they will be able to operate on her legs - if not this week (during their trip), than in a few months (when they return to Haiti).

Monday, November 30, 2015

The cost of food has really skyrocketed these past few months and the late (none existent!) rainy season has left the mountain communities really hurting.  We were hearing stories from friends & family in Bouva that things were so tough that people were fainting from hunger on an increasing basis.

Some of the H2H supporters heard about this need and provided us with some funds to take food to our friends & family in Bouva, Grande Savande & Mount Blan.  Pastor Luc did the food distribution a few weeks ago and below are some pictures.  

The people were so grateful to get the supplies - thank you to all of you who made this happen!!

This first load ready to be put into the truck:

(...who knew so many people lived in Bouva!!!!)

Grande Savande:

Mount Blan:

As part of this years Christmas festivities H2H would like to send additional trucks to these areas - if enough funds are raised.  If you would like to contribute, & didn't get an email recently from H2H about how to donate to the Christmas Fundraiser, let me know and I will send you the information.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Back to the Future!!

I was first introduced to Haiti when my church sent a short-term missions team to H2H and I was invited to go along.  Not only were we able to bless the people of H2H (& surrounding area) but the experience affected each team member in a powerful way.
One of the things I am now responsible for is helping teams with the logistics of their trip to H2H.  I am continuously amazed at the way God uses those few days to change lives... both of the team members and those they come in contact with.  I have been jealous on several occasions - wishing I could turn back time and relive the intensity of that first trip to Haiti.

Well the time has come... I'm going back to the future!!

My family arrived in Canada a few weeks ago and Renel & the kids will be staying while I'm headed back to H2H this afternoon with a team of Doctors and Nurses for 8 mobile clinics in 2 weeks!  I am incredibly excited about the opportunity... not to mention the chance to travel on a plane without kids :)

I have many friends, family & supporters that are not able to visit H2H personally so I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to share this experience with me virtually!  I will be posting pictures regularly on facebook and will look forward to hearing your comments. 

The team would also appreciate prayer for our safety,  health and lots of energy!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A new batch of scholarship students

H2H created the Scholarship Program in 2012 so that we could offer our graduates a better chance to further their education.  Students are eligible for the program if they have a track record of working hard in school, have co-operated with H2H's leaders (ie; good behavior) and if H2H is able to raise the necessary funds for their chosen program.

The Scholarship Program is now in it's 3rd year and we are very pleased with the success the students are having!  Here is a list of the students currently participating in the Program:

2012 / 2013
Nurse  -  Edna (aka Rosena) Laporte
Electrician  -  Sylvains Supreme
Administration  -  Garry Jean Louis
Teacher  -  Sadrac (aka Vilmond) Fanfan

2013 / 2014
Mechanic  -  Luckner (aka Ti-Moise) Laporte
Nurse  -  Helene Paul
Teacher  -  Jean Benet Jean Philip

This year we are excited to welcome 6 new scholarship students:

2014 / 2015
Nurse  -  Naomi Jean Louis
Window Installation  -  Junior Jean Louis
Nurse  -  Naomi Faustin
Nurse (will specialize in Anesthetics)  -  Henri Claude Honorat
Medical Lab Assistant  -  Linda Jean Louis
Administration  -  Ebenezer (aka Emmanuel) Faustin

Each of the students entering the Scholarship Program have a sponsor already and, due to the cost of post secondary education (average of $150/month), they have the option to increase their sponsorship or find friends/family to partner alongside them.  If that is not possible we try to find additional sponsors or top up their account with donations made to the Scholarship Program in general.

This year we are in great need of donors.  We need to rent (& furnish!) a house in Port-au-Prince as the majority of the students are going to school there.  It will cost $2000 US to rent the house for the year.  We also have some students that need additional sponsors - Naomi Jean Louis is one of those students.

Naomi came to live at H2H when she was very young, with her older brother Junior (who is also entering the scholarship program this year).  Her home town is Tetebef - a small mountain community close to Grande Goave.  Naomi's parents have a farm in the mountains and they bring their produce down the mountain twice a week to sell in the local market.  Naomi would not have had an opportunity to go to school if she hadn't come to live at H2H.  She is a very hard worker and is a key figure in the kitchen when we are hosting mission teams.  Naomi takes great pride is serving others and she will make an excellent Nurse!

If you would like more information about the Scholarship Program - or details about the students that still need sponsors please let me know -

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Church Construction

The much anticipated new church is being reconstructed in the image of the original church and it's starting to look familiar!

Front view:

 Back view:


Under the balcony:

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

School is open!

H2H's school opened this past Monday and the kids are excited to get going!  Here are some pictures of the first day.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Belo's full story

I want to give you an update on Belo and finally share all the details... it's quite a story!  

Belo lives in a small mountain community called Tet-a-bef (~2 hour walk from H2H) and he has 2 older siblings that live at H2H.  He had been feeling sick for over a month and was getting weaker so his mom brought him down the mountain to visit the local hospital.  By the time he got to the hospital he had passed out.  The Cuban doctors told the family it was a blood sugar issue and, besides giving him a one-time injection, there was nothing they could do for him.  The injection brought him back to consciousness and the family tried another hospital in the next town.  That hospital allowed the family to stay on the premises but the doctors weren't able to treat him and he was getting weaker everyday.  Several days after they arrived, the hospital workers went on strike - kicked all the patients out and closed the hospital doors... they hadn't been paid in over 18 months!  Belo's family thought they were at the end of the road and brought Belo to H2H as he wasn't strong enough to go up the mountain.   

That day I was in a state of frustration because I had planned to go on a day trip to Jacmel with a visiting team and we had to change our plans at the last minute because we couldn’t get a flat tire changed on the truck.  My frustration was quickly replaced by panic when I saw Belo.  One of our H2H girls, Edna, (in her 2nd year of Nursing and a good friend of Belo's sister) had just tested his blood sugar and it was over 30 mmol/l.  My dad has diabetes so I was well aware of the severity of the situation. 

I started making a mental list of local missions that may be able to help and then remembered that my phone fell in the toilet the week before so I was “unconnected”!!  I skyped Renel in Canada so he could give me some phone #’s from our computer and while I was telling him the situation my sister-in-law, Marsha, joined the conversation… her daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was only 7 months old.  I ended the skype call and got Belo into the car - calling a local nurse and telling her we’re on our way.  Within minutes of arriving at the nurse's home I got a call from a doctor in the States asking for more information on Belo!!

Marsha later told me that when our skype call ended she couldn't stop thinking about the boy and what was going on thousands of miles away. She decided she had to do something, or at least try, as she knew Belo needed specialized care and insulin immediately or he would die.  She thought it was a long-shot, but she went to her computer and googled 'T1 diabetes doctor in Haiti', and quickly scanned through the sites. She found a promising organization that was about a 5 hour drive away from H2H.  She sent them a quick, cryptic email through their contact email, pleading for help. Within a few minutes they emailed back and said they were willing to help. After the initial contact with them and a few more emails and phone calls, she gave them my phone # in Haiti.

In less than two hours from initially seeing Belo, he was on his way to the Kay Mackenson clinic in Pierre Payen where they had a bed waiting for him and nurses ready to start giving him insulin! Later that night the doctor in charge told us that Belo likely would not have made it through the night.  Here is Belo receiving his first dose of insulin.

Looking back at the events that got Belo to the Clinic it is easy to see how God had His hand on the situation.  This version of the Belo story only shows a few sides... the clinic, Belo's family and many others could add details of their own!  It is a good reminder to trust God with the big picture and focus on doing your part.

Belo's body started responding to the insulin immediately and here he is 1 week after arriving at the clinic.  He was very happy to give his family a positive update.

The clinic has taught Belo to test his blood sugar levels and give himself insulin.  He is also learning how food affects his condition and the best way to keep himself nourished.  He has a long journey ahead of him but he is so fortunate to be surrounded by the amazing staff at Kay Makenson.  They are committed to his long-term care... the founders of the clinic have a real passion for helping children with type 1 diabetes and you can read about it on their website:

Here is Belo again, 1 month after his first dose of insulin... getting stronger everyday!

Belo is now discharged from the clinic and is relearning life as he knows it now.  While the clinic will continue supplying him with insulin on an ongoing basis, I would love to be able to help him and his family financially so that they can ensure Belo is eating as well as possible.  The doctors at Kay Makenson explained that while insulin will be used to regulate his blood levels, his biggest challenge will be eating nutritious food at regular intervals... not an easy task in Haiti, especially if money is unavailable.  If you are interested in helping Belo & his family please let me know. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy Un-Birthday!!!

We don't normally celebrate birthdays at H2H so we decided to have an Un-Birthday party for all of the kids!!  It was funded through the H2H gift catalogue and it was so much fun that we're hoping to do it annually!  

Each of the kids got a personalized present and we all enjoyed cake, cold drinks, cookies & other treats.  It was a fun evening and the teams enjoyed being part of the celebration.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014


It's been a whirlwind of activity at H2H the past few days.  Melanie's team is having a great time with the kids....


 And they have been joined by Bruce & Stan's team... who are doing their annual teacher training.  This year they have ~80 students.

They are also organizing the storage room in preparation for September... not easy work in this heat!

On a different note... Belo, the younger brother of 2 of our H2H kids, was brought here yesterday after several long days of "hospital hopping" with little result.  When I arrived he was being looked over by one of our nursing students and she suspected high blood sugar.  She whispered to me that his blood sugar was reading 30.9.  I swallowed my panic and lifted up a quick, but intense, prayer.  Less than 2 hours later Belo was on his way to a medical clinic which specializes in juvenile diabetes, and the staff were anxiously awaiting his arrival.  Seems too good to be true?  It was, and only God could have orchestrated the events.  The details of the story deserve more time than I have at the moment (power is a precious commodity) but I wanted to share a picture and a portion of an email my sister-in-law (who found the clinic on the internet and was able to connect us with them almost instantly!) got from the doctor shortly after Belo arrived at the clinic last night....

"The young man is at our facility and has already started insulin.  Our nurses will be up with him all night slowly correcting his glucose and acidosis.  He is in DKA and pretty ill, but I expect that he will make a full recovery.  You literally saved his life by getting him medical attention tonight." 

 Belo is reacting well to the insulin but it has to be administered to him slowly as his body is so weak.  He has a long journey ahead of him but he is in good hands at the moment. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Let the fun begin!

Melanie & her team arrived yesterday & had a great day today hanging out with the kids:

Learning to make peanut butter:

The kids are enjoying the beginning of Kenep season:

It was a great way to start the week!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ride to Survive

One of H2H's board members, Albert (& his wife Jolaine!), are participating in the Ride to Survive - a fundraiser for cancer research... a 400 km ride from Kelowna to Delta in 1 day!

I just watched the promotional video and was so touched by it that I wanted to share it with you.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Cancer is something that touches us all... no matter what country we live in.  I have friends & family, both in Canada & Haiti, that have been affected by it.  The reason for the ride is powerful in itself but I was drawn to the conviction the riders have to donate their time & resources to make sure ALL of the donated money goes directly to cancer research.  It's easy to say we'd like to support a organization that has a low admin fee but being willing to make that happen is something else.

Albert & Jolaine - I have seen you make personal sacrifices over & over because of your love for your friends in Haiti and you are doing the same in this Ride.  The way you live your lives is inspiring to me & Renel and we are very proud to call you friends :)

Thursday, May 15, 2014


H2H has a great (& rare!!) opportunity to send a container to our compound in Haiti.  Much of the container is already full of items needed for the Children's Home & School but we have a bit of space left and Pastor Luc & his wife, Elna, have requested a few additional items; sewing machines, sergers, sewing material, industrial kitchen appliances, etc.

If you'd like to help, here's what we still need:

- Donations of sewing machines, sergers & sewing material (in good shape, as we don't have the ability to repair them in Haiti)

-  Donate money to help us purchase kitchen appliances & pay for the cost of the container

You can make your donation on H2H's website ( and click "donate" on the right side of the home page.  You can then use your credit card via PayPal to donate and there is a "memo" section where you can let us know what the donation is for.

Please let me know if you have items to donate (I'll let you know where you can send them) or if you have questions.

Thank you in advance!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A week of fun with friends

This past week we hosted a team led by Roger (President of H2H).  Roger was my team leader when I first came to H2H in 2005 and this week brought back many memories for me of my first experience in Haiti.  The team consisted of several old friends (including some other H2H board-members); Shawna, Colleen, Wayne & Rachael.  We also got to meet some new friends; Andrew, Melody, Jill & Quinn.  They spent most of their time connecting with the kids & leaders of H2H but they squeezed in some other activities as well.  Here are some shots of them throughout the week.

Wayne & Andrew working on the horn of the truck:

 A caravan of 3 trucks (99 people!) went to the beach for the afternoon...

...and Jelani had his first claustrophobic moment!

Shawna had 2 seminars with the church community.  One taught us about personality types & how we can better relate with each other.  It was recorded by a local radio station and has been aired several times a day since so everyone is talking about what personality they have and what personality they wished their spouse had, LOL :)  The other seminar taught us about anxiety and how to reduce stress naturally.  Here is a picture of Shawna & Luc demonstrating how to reduce muscle tension by flexing each muscle group separately... they are currently demonstrating the "bum burn"...

...and here are some of the church members respectfully laughing at their Pastor! 

Hasannah had a few firsts this week as well.  She got sick from seafood and she flew off the merry-go-round... at least we got a cute picture before she took flight!